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Part II of our interview with Howard Specker, President and founder of Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc.: What changes have you seen in the industry, over the years? Many, many changes. The interesting thing in this industry, is that changes are slow to come, then there will be a major change, then not much going on for a […] Read More

At The Start Of It All

Inside an interview with Howard Specker, President and founder of Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc.: Back in the day… Well, I started in this industry back in 1969 with a job at Capital Controls Company, up in Colmar Pennsylvania. They were manufacturers of gas chlorination equipment. The man who started that company, Jim Haskett, he had invented […] Read More

Pressure Gauge Becomes System Hero

Troubleshoot With Pressure Gauges After almost 50 years in the chlorination industry I still see a number of installations at which some operational problem arises, either at startup or even years down the line, and we get a call to troubleshoot the situation.  Upon asking a few questions about the hydraulic conditions under which the ejector is […] Read More


No, Chemical Injection Technologies (CIT) is not going on a diet. CIT is joining many forward thinking high-tech organizations in “Lean,” a proactive, evolutionary approach to manufacturing. “Lean” manufacturing actually started in the 1920’s with Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line method of building automobiles. Lean has developed into a methodology employed by many […] Read More

Truth About Chlorine Gas Safety

Truth About Gas Chlorination Safety

CIT’s President, Howard Specker, wrote an amazing article about chlorine gas safety over at Check out a preview of the article below. Remember when “Little Old Lady” Clara Peller rolled up to the drive-through window of Big Bun and asked “Where’s the beef?” She was asking a literal question, but also making a figurative statement. […] Read More