• Complete Systems and
  • Component Assemblies

All of the SUPERIOR tested assemblies carry the full three (3) year warranty even if they are used in conjunction with other manufacturer’s components. For example, a SUPERIOR vacuum regulator used to replace another brand in an existing system will still carry the full three (3) year warranty on the vacuum regulator.

Other brands either do not offer their extended warranty on assembled components that are not sold as part of a complete system, or will void the warranty if it is used with any other brand, or both. SUPERIOR is unique in the gas chlorinator industry by offering customers this comprehensive protection. We can do this because of our confidence in our SUPERIOR design and our SUPERIOR materials.


  • Vacuum regulator inlet/safety valve spring
  • Ejector check valve spring
  • Non-metallic inlet adapter
  • Main vacuum regulator diaphragm
  • Vacuum regulator body screws

These parts have been specially engineered to provide extra long life in normal service. Only SUPERIOR offers a warranty on so many parts for the useful life of the chlorinator system.

At Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc., we are proud of our SUPERIOR design and we are not afraid to back up that pride with action. Compare, and you will see for yourself why SUPERIOR is setting the new standard for excellence.