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SUPERIOR has been a leader in the chemical feed system industry for more than 27 years. Chemical Injection Technologies began because Howard Specker wanted to build a company to treat his customers the way he would want companies to treat him.  We’ve worked with our customers to ensure that we carry and develop only the most effective, safe and desirable feed systems available.

We are so confident that you and your customers will be completely satisfied with our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on several of our critical components and products. Additionally, all products come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

SUPERIOR gladly provides sales support, demos and training to make the selling process as simple as possible. We are also committed to offering extended hours of support, live-person customer support, installation assistance and separate support systems for end users.

Benefit from our partnering approach to distribution and contact SUPERIOR today  –  772-461-0666. We promise no voicemail and complete satisfaction!