Our Team

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HOWARD SPECKER - Company founder, President/CEO, and designer of the SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator.  Howard has been in the Gas Chlorinator industry for almost 50 years, the longest currently active career in the business. Howard is the industry's leader in knowledge, design, and the science behind the solution. True. Even the "experts" ask for Howard.

ROBERT “BOB” FRAUM - Vice President, Sales. Bob has overseen CIT’s sales efforts for over 22 years. He has traveled all over the World, visiting distributors, conducting sales, safety and technical training seminars, and is currently focusing on our US distribution. Bob is our “go to” guy for all things Sales.

JONATHAN SPECKER - Jon is our Chief Operating Officer and is the third member of our 20 year club, having joined CIT in January 1997.  Jon assisted Bob Fraum in sales for many years, taking over as US sales manager until he transitioned to production and operations manager.  He has a wealth of practical as well as technical knowledge of gas chlorination products and the marketplace.  Jon was appointed as COO in 2015, taking over all of the day-to-day operations of the company.

Don Neville - Donnie is our Customer Service lead, and has always put customer satisfaction first.  Donnie knows all areas of Chemical Injection Technologies and stays at the ready to help in any way needed along with handling all international shipping.  Donnie makes sure every CIT customer is priority.  Donnie is surely our customer favorite.

Brian O'Loughlin - Brian is our International Sales Manager and Government Contract Procurement Specialist and travels the world to expand our distributor network and world presence. Brian has just visited his 43rd country!  Brian has extensive experience in business, marketing, plus team training and sales.   Brian gets to know each member of the CIT team of distributors and provides quotes, project support, unmatched encouragement and positive energy. Please feel free to contact Brian with any questions or feedback.  When Brian is not working he loves spending time with his family, working out, doing yoga, and playing golf. 

Eric Lindemann - Eric is National Sales Manager for Superior Water Products.  Eric joins the team with great interest and experience in all applications of water treatment, water analysis and controls. Industrial, municipal, agricultural, process, efficiency and productivity...plus so much more.  Eric is familiar with other brands, and he knows why SUPERIOR is, indeed, superior.  Call and get to know Eric, and you will quickly realize his goal of promoting distributors and operators.  Eric really knows this industry from design to operations.

chlorination, instrumentation, analyzer, water treatment, irrigation

David Dunlap - David is our Instrumentation Lead and is an electronics mastermind. David is a lifelong learner and teacher and has years of experience with developing, building, and repairing technology, electronics, and instrumentation. David easily finds solutions for CIT and our customers. David is magic with Tech Support.

Zack Klimczak - Zack is our Operations Manager and handles many areas within CIT.  Zack brings to CIT vast knowledge and experience in product realization, inventory control, purchasing, organization, and quality control.  Zack was Director of Purchasing for a Defense Contractor for 18 years before coming to CIT.  Zack is an excellent team and process builder and manager. CIT and its customers and vendors all appreciate Zack's organization, detailed process, and follow-through.

BILL BARTLETT - Bill is our Chief Financial Officer and handles all accounting functions as well as overseeing the order processing, payables and receivables for CIT.  Bill has had a long career in Accounting and Financial management with both large and small companies and has brought a very grounded and professional approach to CIT’s financial requirements.

ALONZO UBILLA - Alonzo is our “double threat” engineer, with degrees in Mechanical as well as Electrical Engineering.  He is a wizard with the Solid Works Cad design program and has upgraded all of our engineering drawings and customer application drawings to state-of-the-art 3D capable, with photo-quality 3D renderings of all of our products.  Alonzo is working closely with Howard on a number of future SUPERIOR projects. Brilliant.