No, Chemical Injection Technologies (CIT) is not going on a diet. CIT is joining many forward thinking high-tech organizations in “Lean,” a proactive, evolutionary approach to manufacturing. “Lean” manufacturing actually started in the 1920’s with Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line method of building automobiles. Lean has developed into a methodology employed by many world class organizations. Lean Six Sigma is a set of quality tools that allow companies to grow, while improving the customer experience and continually driving costs down and improving the bottom line.
The Toyota family embraced what they called their TPS (Toyota Production System) to ultimately outperform every auto company in the world, at that time, with the highest quality products, while squeezing every non-value added penny out of costing. Motorola and General Electric (GE), both adopted Lean Six Sigma in the 1980’s to outclass all their competition by delivering the highest quality products in the world. Since then, tens of thousands of companies, worldwide, have incorporated these principles.

Now it is Chemical Injection Technologies’ time to adopt world proven methods of production. While implementing an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS), CIT is also using Lean Six Sigma as its continuous improvement strategy. This will enable CIT to reduce cycle time, the time from receipt of an order to shipping that order, and to improve and sustain the Chemical Injection Technologies quality objectives. Customers will see and feel the improvements that will directly improve their ultimate experience with CIT.
This is just the beginning of a major commitment by the Chemical Injection Technologies Management Team to grow the company with existing and new products, while always giving CIT customers the “best of the best” in Customer Service.

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