Truth About Chlorine Gas SafetyCIT’s President, Howard Specker, wrote an amazing article about chlorine gas safety over at Check out a preview of the article below.

Remember when “Little Old Lady” Clara Peller rolled up to the drive-through window of Big Bun and asked “Where’s the beef?” She was asking a literal question, but also making a figurative statement.

Today, water and wastewater plant operators should be asking “Where’s the facts?”  Actually, more and more operations personnel are asking this question.  They are asking why there has been such an aggressive push from legislators, regulators, media, and a lot of uninformed laypeople to eliminate the use of chlorine gas at treatment plants in favor of so-called “Inherently Safer Technologies” (sic).  This initiative flies in the face of logic with an utter lack of supporting data, input from actual operations professionals, or any factual historical evidence to support the change. Chlorine gas is one of the safest possible alternatives in water treatment and is clearly the economical winner in the debate.

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