Howard Specker, CHLOR-CLEAR Inventor

A few years ago, a distributor came to me. He was involved in a lot of irrigation, used a lot of ton containers out in the field, and he used ton container adapters with his chlorinators.  He said one of the problems he had was the fact they were using so many ton containers, and the ton container adapters would fill up with a lot of that trash we get in the eductor tubes. 

They were also trapping liquid, between the valve on the ton container and the inlet valve, so sometimes they would have liquid in there, it would evaporate and  get a lot of pressure, so it was putting a lot of pressure on the inlet valve seats. In general, the distributor wanted a way to avoid all this. The first idea was to create a ton container adapter with a much larger drip tube with a heater. Sometimes, out in the field, they can’t plug the heaters in, and we did make one. It was much bigger, but the problem was it was so big and heavy and bulky, it wasn’t conducive to using out in the field. The best solution is simple and effective.

The Idea

I told him I thought we could come up with a better idea, that I had had really a long time ago, but when I had taken to an organization that kind of makes a lot of the standards for chlorine use, that organization did not think much of the idea, because it involved putting some pressurized nitrogen into the system. Anyway, we made one designed this chlorine ton container eductor tube clearing apparatus. CHLOR-CLEAR. I sent our distributor one, asked him to use the device and gave him a lot of the nitrogen cartridges we use, and he gave it a shot! I called him and asked, ”How is it working?  That distributor said, “This is great!”

I asked if he could send it back, so we could take a look at it, but he said, “Not until you send me another one, because I am not getting rid of this thing.” It worked that well for him.  We did send him another CHLOR-CLEAR, and we got back that first unit. It looked just fine; everything looked great. SUPERIOR™ introduced CHLOR-CLEAR to the world. Distributors found they had a lot of potential customers that needed this sort of thing. CHLOR-CLEAR was the solution.

Great Results

The first thing I was asked at trade shows was why hadn’t somebody thought of this, before. I had! 15 years before. We didn’t bring this to fruition, years ago, because the idea had been pooh-poohed by certain people that had a lot of say in the chlorine industry. No more.

Now. One of the CHLOR-CLEAR benefits we have found, that we had not even thought about, was when one of our distributors in Texas, a distributor who does a lot of maintenance work and has a lot of maintenance contracts; they clean vacuum regulators, and they would bring in the ton container adapters, open them up, take the valve out to clean out all the junk that gets in there from changing chlorine ton containers. This distributor said they got one back from a customer that had used a CHLOR-CLEAR.

They opened it up, expecting to find all that red mud looking stuff in there, but no, the distributor said the ton container adaptor was clean as a whistle…because none of that got in there. He said this was something he really did not expect, and I didn’t either. So that is another added benefit. So this is something that we have put out there, and everybody who has used it is amazed by it. Of course some people have said, “Well, we have to use one of these little nitrogen cartridges each time and that adds to the cost”. Yeah, true, but the cost of having to maintain these chlorinators, vacuum regulators, ton container adapters, and clean them out. That’s a pretty big cost as well, so it sort of works its way out. Plus, you just don’t have the downtime.

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