Vacuum Alarm Switch

SUPERIOR™ Digital Chlorine Vacuum Alarm Switch(VAS)

SUPERIOR Series VAS chlorine vacuum alarm switches are designed to alert gas chlorinator users when either of two critical situations arise:

HIGH VACUUM ALARM – indicates that the supply of chlorine gas has been interrupted. Either the chlorine supply is empty, or the chlorine cylinder valve has been shut off. In either case there is no chlorine gas entering the system.
LOW VACUUM ALARM – indicates that the ejector is not producing sufficient vacuum to operate the system, or a leak has occurred somewhere in the system.
SUPERIOR Vacuum Alarm Switch, Model VAS-3. Available with both lights and sound alarms. Join the SUPERIOR team. The solution for water and wastewater treatment equipment and instrumentation. Contact us at 772-461-0666.
Either situation will indicate that the system is not being chlorinated. The VAS alarm switch can be connected to a number of standard devices that will sound a loud audible alarm, send a signal via the phone lines, stop pumps or close valves, or any combination of those devices.

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